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LMT Waterjetting Solutions delivers next to our standard adapters a huge amount of custom-made adapters for the waterjetting industry. We can design, produce and test adapters on your request and due to our extensive experience in the waterjetting industry we usually have a solution in no time. We are experienced to work with al kind special materials with extreme tensile strengths to meet a working pressure up to 3000bar.


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    Fast delivery & high quality

    All materials are purchased with a 3.1 certificate of conformity to guarantee the quality of our products and we have a big stock of high-end materials to meet your fast delivery requests. We produce all adapters inhouse in our advanced production facility. All adapters are engraved with thread sizes, working pressure and manufactured according to the SIR regulations, certified on request. All adapters are tested with a minimum of 1,5x the working pressure. In case the required adapters are not direct available, our inhouse production facilities guarantees a minimum delivery time. If there is any adapter you need like: medium pressure, high pressure, nozzle holders, nozzles, manifolds, mounting blocks, bulkheads, swivelnut connections, elbows, long radius elbows, autoclave adapters, Adapters with O-ring, round bar adapters, glands and collars, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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