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LMT standard adapters are made of special stainless steel with extreme tensile strength and go up to 1500 bar working pressure. All materials are purchased with a 3.1 certificate of conformity to guarantee the quality of our products. We produce all adapters inhouse in our advanced production facility. All adapters are engraved with thread sizes, working pressure and manufacturer according to the SIR regulations and can be certified on request. The adapters are tested at random with a minimum of 1,5x the working pressure.

most sold-male-metric-conical-male-nptkopie
most sold-male-metric-conical-female-bspkopie
most sold-male-bsp-conical-male-metric-conicalkopie

Standard adapters

  • High Pressure Adapters - Most sold adapters

    Most sold adapters

  • Hose connecting adapters

    Hose connecting adapters

  • Stud Connecting Adapters - High Pressure Adapters

    Stud connecting adapters

  • Blind - High Pressure Adapters


  • Blinds for hose connecting adapters with Metric, BSP and NPT threads.

    Blinds for hose connecting adapters

  • Socket - High Pressure Adapters


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